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The Leading China Smart Door Lock Manufacturers!

Fortune Mount International Co., Ltd is one of the top smart lock suppliers of China. We have excellence in manufacturing the high-tech modern door locking mechanisms with other technologically advanced security systems. We use the latest algorithm methods to ensure the effective work of the security mechanisms of door locks. We are proudly known as the premium China smart door lock suppliers in the international market. Our products are in high demand as we offer the best smart door lock China to the market at the wholesale rates. Our systems are highly durable and reliable, and we make sure that each and every lock which we manufacture can cater to the needs of its users.

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The Five Distinguishing Features Of Our China Smart Locks

  1. Our company manufactured China smart door locks are integrated with the latest algorithms which are smart enough to perform their task efficiently and perfectly.
  2. The wiring and connections help in a lock is very comprehended and offers fast connectivity between different devices.
  3. As the best China smart lock manufacturers, we are using the premium quality raw material, which makes our products long-lasting and durable.
  4. The recognition technology of the smart door lock China we are offering is the world best and also according to the international standards.
  5. The infusion of other clever inventions and innovations is the smart gate locks are made in order to give them a boost and diverse adaptation.

Applications of Smart Door Locks

  1. A smart lock is a Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi-enabled smart home device that allows users to leave their house keys behind as the door can be locked and unlocked with the tap of a finger or even with a simple voice command.
  2. Smart locks also allow remote access, so one can easily unlock a door to let in a surprise guest if you are at work.
  3. Many smart door locks allow you to create permanent or temporary access codes for visiting guests, dog walkers, cleaning services, repair services, and every individual member of your family.
  4. One can receive instant alerts on their smartphone if someone tries to break in or tampers with the smart lock. There is even an option that sets your lock to inform police or a home security service automatically in case of such occasion. This makes them ideal for commercial settings.
  5. These smart door locks can also be connected to smart lights, doorbells, and any indoor cameras.

Why Choose Our Smart Door Lock China?

We have a prominent place in the market as one of the leading wholesale smart door lock Suppliers. Our company has a vast number of skilled and technical workforce, which aids us in attaining the best product output. We have the best technologically advanced machinery and coding systems that allow the full-proof security of your valuable premises. Our manufactured China smart door lock is versatile and can be used in multiple places to restrict the entrance of unknown people. These locks are highly adaptable to the environment and can be fixed to any door or wall, making the best unlocking mechanism.

Our Eco-Friendly Policies

Fortune Mount International Co., Ltd believes in the upbringing of their employees and the value probation they add. To ensure the serenity of our employees, we provide them a suitable in-house environment to get the best out of them. As the  Chief smart door lock manufacturers, we are adding our part in global environmental stability and raising the standards of the smart door lock manufacturers industry.

Easy Trade Agreements And Fast Service

We, as the leading China smart lock Manufacturers, understand our responsibility and owns it by offering highly secured locking systems to our clients. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important thing, and we gain the trust of our customers by providing them with the best on-time services and easy trading facilities, which encourages global trading. The other China smart lock suppliers in the market are reaching new possibilities, and FRB Locks is leading their way to success.


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Example Site - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How do Smart door lock works?

Smart door lock works on the principle of integration with the latest algorithms that require facial recognition, thumb impression, and password technology to unlock, depending on the model.

2. Where to buy smart locks at wholesale rates?

FRB Locks is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers and suppliers of China. You can buy a wide variety of smart locks here at affordable rates from all around the world.

3. Are smart locks a good idea?

There is no room for doubt that smart locks are a good idea for securing the premises with advance technology-based systems because they provide far better protection than conventional door locks.

4. Are smart locks more secure?

All smart door locks that we are offering are among the securest forms of smart locks that provide comprehensive security to your premises with intricate control systems, which are extremely complex to unlock, nearly impossible.

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